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Sand Filter


Swimming Pool Sand Filter. The most popular and oldest method of swimming pool filtration is the sand filter. At one time we mixed pea gravel with sand to create a filter bed but that has been abandoned since #20 silica sand became the standard for pool sand. Sand filters cost less that any of the other types of filters, #20 silica sand will only filter out partials down to 20 to 40 microns. The best swimming pool filter will be the Diatomaceous Earth filter.

Backwshing your sand filter is determined by a couple of factors, one is the slow return water to the pool, put your hand in front of the return fitting to test the water flow, low water pressure will tell you the sand is dirty, another way is by reading the pressure gauge on your multiport valve, (a rule of thumb), when the pressure guage reading is 8 to 10 lbs over or higher than the initial start up pressure, it’s time to backwash to remove the debris that has been traped by the sand. 



How to Backwash a Sand Filter

 NOTE: Turn off your pool cleaner pump and any other systems before backwashing.

  • Turn Off your pool pump:
  • Move the multiport valve handle to the Backwash position:
  • Turn On your pool pump:
  • Watch the sight glass until when the water clears in the glass,
  • if no sight glass, watch the water coming out of the backwash line until the water is clear.
  • Turn Off the pool pump:
  • Move the multiport valve handle to the Rinse position:
  • Turn On the pool pump:
  • Watch the water in the sight glass until the water runs clear, If no sight glass same as above:
  • Turn Off the pool pump:
  • Move the multiport valve handle to the Filter position:
  • Turn On your pool pump:
  • Read your pressure gauge, it should read about the same as initial start up reading:
  • Check the pool water level and fill as necessary.

If the gauge reading does not return to normal after several backwashing, the sand bed may be packed with debris, calcium based chlorines or mineral deposits, after a few years of operation this buildup on your sand bed will require more frequent bachwashing or changing of the sand. You may have to clean your swimming pool filter sand with filter cleaner. Read your owners manual for changing the sand.


FILTER: For normal filtration and vacuuming pool through filter
BACKWASH: For reversing flow for cleaning filter
RINSE: For initial start-up cleaning, plus resetting filter bed after backwashing
WASTE: For vacuuming directly to waste, lowering pool level/draining pool.
CLOSED: For shutting off all flow to filter and pool.
RECIRCULATE: For bypassing filter, but circulating pool water.
May be plumbed for “off-system” pool water access. Ideal for Jet-Air® fittings
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