Will Costco products become more expensive in 2023?

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The quick answer? Yes they could, depending on inflation.

Key points

  • Many consumers turn to Costco to save money on groceries and household essentials.
  • Costco products may cost more in 2023, but they could also cost less.
  • When shopping at Costco, check for promotions ahead of time and stick to your list.

There’s a reason so many consumers regularly shop at Costco despite the cost of a membership. Costco offers a range of bulk grocery items and household products at often competitive prices.

But this year, consumers may have noticed that some Costco products have gone up in price. We can thank inflation for that. And if you’re wondering if Costco items will be priced even higher in 2023, the answer really comes down to how inflation trends.

Consumer goods could cost more or prices could fall

Whether it will cost more to shop at Costco and other retailers in 2023 will really depend on whether inflation levels drop. If the overall cost of goods remains high, retailers like Costco will spend more on the items they sell. As a result, they are likely to pass these additional costs on to consumers in the form of higher prices.

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But inflation levels could drop in 2023. And if that happens, thus making it cheaper for retailers to buy goods, you may find that you end up with a lower credit card tab as a result.

Meanwhile, there are reasons to believe that inflation will be cool in 2023. The Federal Reserve has aggressively implemented interest rate hikes to encourage a decline in consumer spending. This needs to happen to close the gap between supply and demand that drove up inflation last year.

As the Fed implements rate hikes, borrowing will continue to become more expensive for consumers. And so they are likely to cut spending significantly enough to allow inflation levels to stabilize.

Whether Costco prices will be cheaper or more expensive next year remains to be seen. But either way, there are steps you can take to keep your personal shopping bills to a minimum.

For one thing, pay attention to Costco promotions. It usually publishes a deal book on a monthly basis (both by mail and online) where you can see which products are temporarily discounted. If you see there’s an item you buy frequently on sale, charge it, provided you don’t have to worry about it expiring before you can use it.

It’s also helpful to make shopping lists when you go to Costco and stick to them. Wading through these giant warehouse stores can be an overwhelming prospect. But if you have a shopping list to follow, you may be more grounded and less likely to fall victim to impulse purchases.

Even though Costco prices do increase in 2023, chances are you’ll spend less on essentials there compared to other retailers. Additionally, while Costco may choose to increase the cost of its annual memberships at some point in 2023, the warehouse club giant has no immediate plans to impose an increase. It is therefore a bill that you can assume will remain stable at least in the short term.

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