10 of the best Sam’s Club deals for November 2022

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Isn’t it nice to spot the right gift at a fair price?

Key points

  • The earlier you shop, the more likely you are to find popular gifts on sale.
  • This year, gifts are above all strategic: buy great gifts while saving money.
  • You can save time by checking the Sam’s Club website to make sure the items you want aren’t out of stock.

Whether they’re pinching pennies to fight inflation or just want more in their pockets to save or invest, Sam’s Club is a go-to for millions of holiday shoppers. Here we’ve rounded up some of the best Sam’s Club deals for November, including a mix of freebies for adults and kids.

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Okay, we’re not sure exactly who has the guts to buy a vacuum as a gift, but we suspect some people are asking for one. If you know anyone who’s been dreaming of a new vacuum, this beauty will be $100 off starting Nov. 5.

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2. Ninja Foodi NeverDull 15-Piece Premium Knife Set: $200

If there is an amateur chef in your family, he may be interested in this knife set. After all, who wouldn’t want a knife set with “NeverDull” in the name? They normally cost $250, but will be reduced to $200 starting November 5.

3. Christian Siriano New York Faux Fur 3-Piece Duvet Set: $60

Is there anything better than falling into a cozy bed on a cold winter evening? It might just be us, but we think the answer is no. If the word “fur” makes you think of cheap, tacky bedding, that’s not what this Christian Siriano is at all. It is simply luxurious. Starting November 5, the price for Sam’s Club will be $60. We checked Walmart, where the bedding sells for $80, and Amazon, where it costs over $100.

Bear with us here as we have another heavily discounted Ninja brand product to tell you about.

4. Ninja DualBrew Coffee Machine: $130

Although we can’t be certain, we believe this is the coffee machine that George Jetson and his wife Jane may have used in their home in Orbit City. Get this: The Ninja DualBrew allows a person to brew specialty brews from their favorite coffee. They can have it hot or on ice. Plus, they can brew coffee from four different sizes of coffee pods if they prefer. There’s even a pop-up frother if they want a latte or cappuccino. Normally $180, it is presented at $130.

5. Deluxe Wooden Kitchen Play Center: $120

If you cook more at home these days to save money, your kids might want to play along. This Member’s Mark cooking play center features a large L-shaped layout with five accessories in stainless steel, two light and sound burners, a sound faucet and a light-up microwave. There is also a fridge-freezer that dispenses ice and a sink with a drainer.

6. M&M Outdoor Tent Swing: $20

It’s easy to imagine how much we would have loved this swing when we were kids. Why not love a platform swing with a 39 inch removable tent? It is perfect for playing and hiding. Normally $80, now it’s only $20. Heads up: Sam’s Club is having trouble keeping this item in stock.

7. Licensed Room Glow: $19-$23

Truth be told, it was the Baby Yoda model of this glowing glow that first caught our attention. If BY (as we call it) doesn’t appeal to the recipient of this gift, you can also choose from Minnie Mouse, Buzz Lightyear, Elsa, Spiderman or Jurassic Park. This giveaway includes a 3D rotating character, character voice recordings, and 15 minutes of light, with an auto shut-off feature.

8. Tytan 60-Piece Magnetic Learning Tile Building Set: $20

Magnetic tiles allow a child (or adult) to get creative. They can build a house, create an imaginary city, or see how high they can build a single structure. No experience is alike.

9. Member’s Mark Unicorn Family Playset: $23

If you have kids in your life, chances are some of them love unicorns. As, really in unicorns. This set includes 10 vinyl unicorns with different hair colors that can be styled. Four include clip-on wings.

10. Yvolution Y Velo Eco Kids Balance Bike: $50

We’re not sure exactly when these balance bikes hit the scene, but they’re seriously cool. If there’s a kid in your life who really wants to ride a two-wheeled bike but isn’t quite ready, the balance bike keeps them upright, helping them improve their balance, coordination and his motor skills. The seat and handlebars are adjustable to give them room to grow, and their confidence will also blossom. It is available in blue, pink and red.

If any of these deals are right for you, check out the Sam’s Club website before you go. That way, you’ll know before you leave the house whether the item you’re interested in is in stock and whether it’s for in-store purchase or available online only.

And by the way, good for you to start your holiday shopping early. Buying early means fewer people, more inventory, and a chance to save more money by closing deals while they’re fresh.

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