40 women entrepreneurs nominated for an award - Bernews

40 women entrepreneurs nominated for an award – Bernews

Voting is now open for the WOMB Bermuda Female Entrepreneur Award, with anyone able to vote online.

A spokesperson said: “Vote now for the female entrepreneur for 2021/2022. For the past month, nominations have been pouring in, with nearly 80 individual nominations, or 40 nominees! Congratulations!!”

This year’s nominees are:

Company Name Owner
1616 cocktails President’s Award
Aina organized Swan of Akilah
ALSO Serenity Ana Xavier
Alexandra Mosher Studio Jewelery Alexandra Mosher
All impertinent things Gina Flood
Angel treats Tiffany Douglas
Assevida Shannon Cann
Benson aesthetic –Sasha Benson
Bermuda Cookies Rachel Hallette
Bermuda Brandbox, ieshun S Monique Steven
Bermuda Coaching, Jessica Lightbourne Coaching, ICLI – International Coaching and Leadership Institute Jessica Lightbourne
Briaco Ltd christian mary
By invitation only Adenike Carmichael
City Strivers Preschool Ajale Williams
DogPlay Bermuda Philippa Mello Hill
Embellished graphic art Simiha Caisey
embody hair Nazih Robinson
Beauty Enzuri Kisha Tyrrel
Photo [1st business] & Early Bird Charters [2nd business] Melanie J. Fiander [Fiander Foto] and Melanie J. Fiander/James West [2nd business]
Targeted consultation Kennette Burgess
Coffee & Hub frequency Rolisa Camille
Glory & Co Feria Alpha
In relation to immigration Ceble Crockwell
Klassiq Kidz Joleesa Holdipp
Love Bomb Design Studio Brittany Yakima Wolffe
Masterkey Management Limited Sharika Tucci
Mixyzbda Renee DeShields
Mku Creations Marie Ming
nail bar Sancha Durham
Bermuda curated solutions Jodi Virgil
PSSST and Kara’s kitchen Kara Simmons Montano
PADMA Sophie Canonnier
Pop-up shop Marita Hinds
PsyNeu Dr. Adriene Berkeley
SocialLEE Consulting Stephanie Lee
Saint-Georges dance school Jasmine Debraga
Targeted learning Keisha Allen Smith
Three Graces Spa Aisha Spencer
Treats Ltd Ciera decanter
waverest Jennifer Burland Adams

Ms. Stephanie Lee, Facilitator of WOMB States of Bermuda; “Each year, the list of nominations grows longer. As part of the nomination form, we ask people to explain a bit about why they are nominating the business/individual for the 2021/2022 Female Entrepreneur of the Year. The stories individuals leave are inspiring, showing the resilience and determination of women entrepreneurs in Bermuda.

Female Entrepreneur Awards Nominees List (1920×1100 px) Bermuda November 4, 2022

A spokesperson said: “This is a popular vote system. Vote for your favorite female entrepreneur and encourage your friends and family to do the same. Voting is online here.

“Knowing that the community is driving the nominations and votes is a huge boost for these women, personally and professionally! I can’t wait to see who will be this year’s winner!

“Voting will begin on Friday November 4 and end on Sunday November 13. The top 3 nominees will be invited to the 5th Inspi[Her]the 2022 Women’s Entrepreneurship Weekend Retreat presented by the Bermuda Economic Development Corporation.

“To celebrate the 5th Annual Conference, it will be held the weekend of Friday, November 18 through Sunday, November 20 in Cambridge Beaches, where the finalist and winner will be announced.

“BEDC is delighted to partner again this year with Stephanie Lee of WOMB for the 2022 Female Entrepreneur of the Year Award to be presented at our Women’s Entrepreneurship Day conference on Saturday, November 19.

“Our main goal is to not only showcase some of our amazing women who are embracing entrepreneurship, but also to recognize the talent we have across Bermuda. This was a successful addition to the virtual conference held last year and we look forward to many years to come by Colina Outerbridge, BD&PA at BEDC.

“To vote, follow the link: forms.gle/huxx3BYh6vGNcBx8A. Also available online at BEDC’s website and WOMB’s wombbermuda.com website.

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