5 CFP Financial Podcasts That Actually Offer Professional Advice

5 CFP Financial Podcasts That Actually Offer Professional Advice

Never before has so much information been so widely available and freely accessible. The internet has revolutionized financial advice, simply because blogs, podcasts, and social media have made it possible for anyone to learn more about money through a few simple Google searches.

The reverse of the democratization of money management strategies? The rise of Moneytok and the proliferation of fast-paced content without fact-checking. That anyone can say anything about personal finance and claim that it’s not just true, but “what you need to do to grow your wealth!” also creates a lot of misinformation about money.

Yes, the info is out there… but it’s not always easy to know what to believe and what to ignore; what advice to follow and what to avoid.

Is your favorite content creator qualified? Look for Certified Financial Planners

One way to quickly vet content creators is to verify their credentials. There is no higher standard in financial advice than the CFP® designation.

CFP® stands for Certified Financial Planner, and the marks are governed by a formal board. Obtaining a CFP® requires a college degree, passing a board exam and practicing as a financial planner for 2-3 years.

A CFP® must also engage in ongoing education to maintain grades and is held accountable for advice and actions through legal and ethical standards enforced by the CFP® Board of Directors.

5 podcasts to check out if you want professional financial advice

If you’re ready to raise your standards for the financial advice you receive and apply, a great place to start is to look for the CFP® marks behind someone’s name. To help you get started, here’s a roundup of 5 podcasts that offer real expertise to add to your regular rotation:

1. Brian Preston and Bo Hanson’s Money Guy Show

There are perhaps no finance professionals more reliable and pleasant to listen to than Brian Preston, CPA, CFP®, PFS and his co-host, Bo Hanson CFA, CFP®. Brian and Bo are real, honest, funny and down to earth, offering a wide range of financial advice and financial know-how.

There truly is something for everyone with the Money Guy Show. If you love coupon snipping and travel hacking, you’ll love their tips for making the most of your efforts to save every last penny. If you want to optimize your investments or fine-tune your retirement strategy, their insights and insights will help you avoid mistakes that could hurt returns or even retire early.

And if you just want a good laugh as these finance pros break down the best of the worst in TikTok’s terrible money advice, Bo and Brian have you covered, too.

Listen to the Money Guy show

2. The Long-Term Investor By Peter Lazaroff

The Long-Term Investor gives you the unique opportunity to gain financial advice and perspective on a better investment directly from a senior RIA investment manager.

As CIO of Plancorp, Peter Lazaroff CFA
CFP® oversees the management of $6 billion in assets – and its podcast offers its investment expertise and know-how in easy-to-understand language anyone can use to enhance their investing experience.

Whether it’s an overview of what you need to understand about ESG and sustainable investing or breaking down recommendations on how much money you need for retirement, The Long Term Investor is a essential for anyone who wants to better understand the financial markets…and perhaps more importantly, wants to know how to better navigate these markets for their own long-term success.

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3. Demystify money with Misty Lynch

Misty Lynch is a CFP® and Certified Financial Coach, and her podcast, Demystifying Money, aims to give listeners real, actionable steps they can take. at present to improve their financial situation.

Whether it’s discussing what it takes to succeed in business with other women entrepreneurs or digging deeper into the topics you keep seeing in the headlines (like what’s happening in the world with the housing market right now), Misty and her guests seek to shine a light on areas of money management that are often confusing and riddled with misinformation.

Demystifying Money provides a way to get reliable and trustworthy breakdowns of the critical money-related topics you need to understand to make your money work for you. You’ll also be better equipped with the knowledge you need to avoid costly mistakes and maybe even start making more money.

Hear money demystified

4. Beyond finances with Kali & Eric Roberge

Beyond Finances is a podcast show about applying financial advice and “rules of thumb” about money in the context of your real, everyday life. It is also, in the interest of full disclosure, co-hosted by me – Eric Roberge, CFP® and founder of Beyond Your Hammock. My co-host is also my wife and financial writer Kali Roberge.

Our goal is to add nuances to financial planning and financial advice that reflect the fact that your financial decisions are made with a long-term view…but you actually have to live your life day to day. This creates friction between You in the present and Future You, and resolving this tension is central to episodes of Beyond Finances.

The show seeks to tackle the “mushy” side of personal finance; our conversations dig into hard-to-define topics and we wrestle with questions that don’t have simple or black-and-white answers.

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5. Listen Hosted by Lauryn Williams

As a 4-time Olympian and 3-time medalist – as well as the first American woman to medal at both the Summer and Winter Games – Lauryn Williams, CFP®, CFSLA, knows the kind of commitment and hard work that it takes to achieve a huge goal over long periods of time.

Lauryn brings her experience as a professional athlete and professional financial planner to the conversations she has with various other experts on her podcast, Worth Listening. With her guests, Lauryn shows that there isn’t just one path to the ultimate goal of financial success: there are a variety of strategies you can deploy.

By sharing the stories and approaches of how others have made money work for them, Woth Listening provides inspiration, ideas and ideas on the different ways you can work towards what you want and achieve. your boldest financial goals.

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