Licensed technicians describe what it's like to look for a job now

Licensed technicians describe what it’s like to look for a job now

It is an anxiety-provoking time for the tens of thousands of newly laid-off workers now entering the job market amid inflationary pressures and fears of recession. As they search for new jobs, they face fewer openings, hiring freezes and competition from all the other sudden unemployed.

The change in mood is palpable.

Pleasanton resident Nilesh Bhandare, 39, was a data engineer at Twitter. He was shocked that his post was cut during the purge of half the staff by new owner Elon Musk last week, as Bhandare’s job was an integral part of the company’s business.

He has seen a dramatic turnaround in what is available in the job market. While many recruiters have approached him, only around 20% focus on full-time positions. Others are looking for contractors – who can be fired more easily. The last time he looked for a job, the situation was reversed, with a preponderance of full-time positions.

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