10 affordable gift ideas that won’t break the bank

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You can still stick to your budget while shopping for gifts this holiday season.

Key points

  • The holiday season is approaching, so it’s time to make your shopping list.
  • The following ideas are sure to please and won’t break your budget.
  • Consider giving gifts like books, cozy socks, board games, and even gift cards.

It’s hard to believe, but we’re already approaching the busy holiday season. For many, it’s time to shop for gifts for family and friends.

If you’re working on your financial goals, you may only have a little money to spend on gifts – and that’s okay! But if you’re worried that your budget is holding you back from buying great gifts, think again.

There are plenty of affordable gift ideas out there and you don’t have to spend a fortune to show you care. The most important thing is that you think about your loved ones and want to do something nice for them. Here are some gift ideas that won’t put you in debt.

1. Notebook and pens

There’s nothing like having too many notebooks. Journals and notebooks are great gifts for people who love jotting down thoughts, to-do lists, and doodling. You can add a nice set of pens or markers to make the gift more complete.

2. Disposable camera

Taking physical photos is a great way to capture memories. But there are other options beyond expensive Polaroid cameras. You can always get your hands on disposable cameras, which can make a unique Christmas gift for a friend or family member who loves taking photos.

3. Tumbler

If you have someone in your life who regularly drinks coffee or always needs water on hand (so pretty much anyone), then a tumbler is the perfect gift idea. You can find high quality tumblers, travel mugs and water bottles in different sizes, styles, colors and prices. You’ll help your loved one keep their drink cold or hot all day.

4. Books

A book is another affordable gift. Consider your loved one’s interests and buy a book that fits your budget. It’s not necessarily a novel either. A cookbook, history book, photo book, or travel book are other unique options that make great buys.

5. Alcohol

If you’re looking for a gift for someone in your life who drinks alcohol, a bottle of liquor, wine, or a pack of four or six beers is an affordable way to show your appreciation. You can score a great low-cost gift by paying attention to what’s on sale when you shop.

6. Socks

Is there such a thing as having too many socks? I do not think so. Socks are a great gift because your friends and family probably have a lot of misplaced individual socks and could always use more complete sets. With so many patterns and color options, you can have fun and get creative with this gift idea.

7. Board Game

Another fantastic gift idea that won’t break the bank is a board game. You can choose a classic like Monopoly or Clue, or choose a new modern board game. Your loved one will be thrilled to add to their collection of games for easy and fun nights at home with friends.

8. Phone Charger

Many of us lose our cell phone chargers more often than we admit. This could make a great gift idea if you know someone who always misplaces their charging cord. If they spend a lot of time in the car, buying a car charger is another option to consider.

9. Portable Bluetooth Speaker

A portable Bluetooth speaker can make a great gift if you have a loved one who always listens to music and podcasts. Although some speakers are expensive, you can find plenty of affordable options. They even make low-cost speakers that are safe to use in the shower.

10. Gift cards

Are you looking for a stress-free and low-cost gift idea? A gift card gives the recipient control over the gift they receive, and they may prefer that you choose a gift for them. You can get a $10, $15, or $20 gift card, and your loved one will surely appreciate the idea.

Don’t be tempted to ignore your personal financial goals this holiday season. Instead, find ways to be thoughtful without breaking your budget.

These gift ideas can give you affordable inspiration when you start making your holiday shopping list. Homemade gifts are another option if you have a limited amount of extra cash.

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