5 Incredible Costco Buys For Under $20

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Your Costco shopping doesn’t have to go broke.

Key points

  • Costco is known for its affordable prices.
  • Currently, there are a number of items you can purchase for less than $20, but some may only be a limited time offer.
  • Look for deals on men’s and women’s clothing, sleep blankets for kids, and gear for your kitchen.

Shopping at Costco is a great way to boost your paycheck. In fact, people who regularly shop for groceries and household essentials at Costco often end up with a smaller credit card tab than those who limit themselves to supermarkets and big box stores.

Meanwhile, right now, Costco has a slew of seasonal items available at very competitive prices. But these five in particular stand out because they offer a lot of value under $20. Go ahead and check them out, especially if you’re looking for items to fill out your holiday gift list.

1. Men’s jogging pants

It’s common to spend $30 or more on quality sweatpants. Not at Costco, though. You can pick up a pair of PUMA men’s joggers for under $20 right now.

2. A warm but not too warm women’s jacket

Like it or not, winter is coming. If you need a jacket that’s warm enough to get you through those chilly mornings, but doesn’t pack the punch of a full-fledged coat, consider the Women’s 32 Degrees Power Tech Jacket. It’s under $20 right now and comes in a variety of colors.

3. Blankets for children

The difficulty with small babies is keeping them warm at night without running the risk of them getting caught in the blankets. Enter wearable blankets or sleeping blankets. These fit like your standard baby bodysuit but are much warmer. You can buy a two-pack at Costco for less than $20.

4. Really delicious chocolate

The holidays are approaching and nothing shows love like the gift of chocolate. Or, you might just want some chocolate for yourself, which is perfectly acceptable. If you’re a fan of gourmet sea salt caramels, you can pick up a massive 36-ounce jar for well under $20 at Costco. Just try to pace yourself as you progress.

5. A three-piece baking mat set

Many people go into baking mode during the holidays. Rather than deal with parchment paper and its slippery and bulky nature, consider investing in silicone baking mats. They will make your cookie baking days so much easier.

Right now, you can score a three-piece set of these mats for under $20 at Costco. That said, Costco also sells a host of holiday cookies for under $20, so if you’re feeling lazy or short on time, you can skip the baking mats and buy them instead.

Enjoy while you can

These five deals are just a few of the many deals Costco is running right now. It pays to visit your local outlet store or browse online to see what other low-cost items are available at Costco.

But if you are interested in these offers, act quickly. Some of these items can only be heavily discounted for a limited time, and some may leave Costco’s shelves soon enough. In fact, it’s common for Costco to rotate its product line on a seasonal basis, so if you’re interested in something like a warm jacket, you may only have a limited window of opportunity to buy one. buy a.

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